“I hope you like my story bye.” Perfect.

And then, right at the end, just when you think you’ve seen all The Fall’s surprises, Tarsem pulls a final one from the hat. With Beethoven’s 7th rising on the soundtrack, there’s a montage of silent films and a baby-talk voice over from Alexandria talking about her love of seeing Roy on screen and of the old movies he’s in, and the effect is to inject one final glorious element: love of movies. After all the levels of storytelling already seen in the film, Tarsem joins the two bare wires, making parallels between what the characters are doing, what he’s doing as a director, and what we’re doing sat in the cinema. It’s a heady, emotional rush of an ending, punctuated by a giggling Romanian engaged in a wrestling match with the English language saying, “I hope you like my story bye.” Perfect.

Tim Hayes



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