Catinca Untaru …deserve myriad awards for their acting abilities


Without revealing essential plot elements, Nicole will merely move on to say that Catinca Untaru, who plays the film’s five-year-old patient, and Lee Pace, who portrays the suicidal man she befriends, deserve myriad awards for their acting abilities. The film industry would do well to make up awards to give these actors, although that shouldn’t be necessary. Add to these efforts the deft incorporation of symbolic elements (from the more obvious use of a heart locket to the more subtle inclusion of death-defying trains and the layers of meaning behind the bottle of pills), the cohesiveness of the film’s visual components (as when the opening and closing sequences of the movie parallel each other, and when Roy Walker’s two stories share the backdrop of a desert), and a rather stirring score of classical music, and you have a film that was worth the $12.00 admission fee at AMC Theatres on Times Square. Once Devon has seen The Fall, Nicole will push for it to earn the BOTO Pick for Best Movie of 2008.



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