Best child performance of the year: Catinca Untaru

The Romanian actress is 11 now, but she was several years younger when The Fall was filmed, and she plays a curious, persistent, intelligent 5-year-old with such naturalistic grace that she gives her grown-up co-star, Lee Pace, a run for his money. And say what you will about the movie’s style-over-substance issues, The Fall has one of the loveliest, most unexpected endings I’ve seen in years. It sags a bit in parts, in terms of both plot and pace, but the good outweighs the bad. And Untaru alone is worth the price of admission.

Neal Schindler


7 responses to “Best child performance of the year: Catinca Untaru

  1. i just finnished watching the movie, and the first thing i thought of doing si to look for this little girl on the web, here name where she comes from…
    she is wonderful, i just loved her natural way of acting..; acting? it didn’t seem to me like she was acting, no she was just so natural…
    and her english accent, so sweet…

  2. I just saw the movie. I have to say stunning. The director took a leap of faith and allowed a young girl to play it out instead of “act.” I was undone by how well that bit of direction was. I do NOT know how he did it. I only know I am very glad he did it because it WORKED like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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  4. kamela kondili

    i’m going to see the movie tonight so before i see it the only thing that i could say for sure is that this little child & I are very like in apparence.
    If you don’t believe me you could see my pictures in facebook with the name kamela kondili.

  5. kamela kondili

    or you can watch a video with my photos @ youtube

    tell me what do you think about this

  6. mcarteratthemovies

    Can’t argue with you there — Catinca is a natural, and what’s all the more impressive is that she holds her own against Lee Pace in “The Fall.” That is no mean feat considering what a talent Pace is. I believe she is a natural talent with a bright future ahead of her.

  7. Catinca Untaru is enchanting in this wonderful movie, she’s so naturally gifted I almost believed that she wasn’t acting but living the role. I’ve seen this movie three times in the last year and can’t wait to see it again. Her relationship with Lee Pace’s character is believable and bittersweet. This is one of those movies that you’ll think about long after the final credits role and Miss Untaru and Lee Pace are both great and exciting talents. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

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