Best Performances of 2008 So Far

Best Performances of 2008 So Far

Female performances so far:

Catinca Untaru from The Fall
Jess Weixler in Teeth
Lu Huang in Blind Mountain

If I had to have five I’d include:
Gweneth Paltrow – Iron Man
Mila Kunis – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

5. Norah Jones – My Blueberry Nights
4. Mila Kunis – Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3. Jess Weixler – Teeth
2. Catinca Untaru – The Fall
Oh boy. This is the biggest cheat ever. My number one is it’s own Top 4.
1. Kate Beckinsale/Olivia Thirlby/Amy Sedaris/Jeanetta Arnette – Snow Angels

5. Gary Oldman – The Dark Knight
4. Colin Farrell – In Bruges
Again this is a real cheat but CINECAST! it.
3. Sam Rockwell/Michael Angarano/Griffin Dunne – Snow Angels
2. Anton Yelchin – Charlie Bartlett (DON’T FORGET THIS ONE ADAM!)
1. Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight


One response to “Best Performances of 2008 So Far

  1. totally agree with heath ledger being in that list having just come back from the imax cinema in glasgow from its first batman showing-he was absolutly tremendous and puts even jack nicholsons character in the shade! also watched teeth, loved it but it groosed me out a little, check out my own review if youve got the time at

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