10/10 …I seriously think she would be in Oscar contention

I am utterly shocked to find out that the film was Catinca Untaru’s first feature. Not only is the little girl unbelievably adorable, but her acting makes Haley Joel Osmont in the Sixth Sense look like Corky from Life Goes On. If this film had a little wider released I seriously think she would be in Oscar contention

The Good: Everything. The film used no computer effects to create the images on screen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Singh get a nomination out of this. The acting is superb and in wider distribution with a more big budget actor, this film would be stealing every award. Catinca Untaru is a gem, and hopefully this won’t be her last film. But even if it was, this film will go down in my heart as one of the great ones, and I can’t wait to buy it so I can watch it over and over again. I give it a solid 10/10 if I did rankings like that. I agree with Roger Ebert that you have to see this movie because nothing you will ever see is anything like it. And there isn’t even a comparison. I was completely wrecked by this movie and I loved leaving the theatre with tears in my eyes.

Ferocious Bluebird


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