…Catinca Untaru’s devastating work in this film.

A few weeks back on Ain’t It Cool News, Moriarty wrote a beautiful piece on Catinca Untaru’s devastating work in this film. In no way does anything she’s doing on the screen feel like acting. Her whispered conversations with Pace make us feel like we’re eavesdropping in on highly private moments. I can’t remember the last time a film made me think I was violating someone’s private space while I was just trying to listen to dialogue, but that’s what this resembles. And I’ve barely scratched the surface on some of Tarsem’s other miracles with The Fall, including the delicate costumes, a nurse character (Justine Waddell) who also appears in the fantasy world as a sort of queen and the music from Krishna Levy. It all comes together in a beautiful motif that I will likely never forget and will revisit often. But these are just words, and The Fall is so much more than words.

by Steve Prokopy, Chicago



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