ROGER EBERT:The sweet charm of the young Romanian actress Catinca Untaru

Catinca Untaru

“At this point in reviews of movies like “The Fall” (not that there are any), I usually announce that I have accomplished my work. I have described what the movie does, how it looks while it is doing it, and what the director has achieved. Well, what has he achieved? “The Fall” is beautiful for its own sake. And there is , who may have been dubbed for all I know, but speaks with the innocence of childhood, working her way through tangles of words. She regards with equal wonder the reality she lives in, and the fantasy she pretends to. It is her imagination that creates the images of Roy’s story, and they have a purity and power beyond all calculation. Roy is her perfect storyteller, she is his perfect listener, and together they build a world.

Ebert notes: The movie’s R rating should not dissuade bright teenagers from this celebration of the imagination. ”



One response to “ROGER EBERT:The sweet charm of the young Romanian actress Catinca Untaru

  1. Maureen Dugmore

    I have no idea how this movie, The Fall slipped passed us on the big screen. We only discovered it at the DVD store a few months ago and now own a copy thank goodness.

    I had no idea what the movie was about or where it was filmed. Despite us not being told, I recognised the hospital and surrounds to be South African right from the start. I didn’t know it was Valkenberg though and was a bit puzzled as to where it was in Cape Town as most of the hospitals had walls painted that way and the date palm trees looked like home to me from when I was a child.

    It is the first movie I have even wanted to watch immediately all over again! Now that we have our own copy I have watched the movie with various comments and other special features over and over again and still wish to know, see and hear more.

    I would like to know all the movies which Catinca has starred in, even if they are not in English. I would appreciate if anybody can assist me with this question.

    I have not really noticed Lee Pace in any of the other movies or TV series he has been in as I did not watch Pushing Daisies or notice him in Miss Pettigrew etc. He really shone in The Fall and really deserves even more of an accolade for how he worked with Catinca on set and played along with Tarsem’s wishes for excellent directing at all times. Keeping her in the spotlight mostly when the camera’s rolled etc.

    I will try to follow-up as much as possible at the Internet, but should somebody be kind enough to assist me with direct pointers and links I would be very happy.

    I want as many people as possible to see it. If not I feel that too many are robbed of this experience. It made us take out The Cell again on DvD even though one cannot even compare it for the emotional journey that The Fall takes one on.

    The Fall, is a captivating and extremely enjoyable experience and not simply just another movie for a few hours escapism and entertainment.

    I look forward to Tarsem’s future movie releases.

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