A strong emotional connection

The Fall is a wonderful story, and I believe there’s a slightly hidden and extremely powerful part of the film that manages to hold everything together and capture the audience perfectly, and that’s Catinca Untaru who plays Alexandria.

Not only is she a gorgeous girl, but she seems so natural on screen, especially some of the conversations she has with the storyteller, Roy Walker played by Lee Pace. There are some magical exchanges which feel just like a young inquisitive mind, and Pace’s responses keep the feeling going.

The way she behaves through the early stages of the film, her mannerisms and gentle looks, are all what make her so adorable and so real, and that’s something that helps underpin the story. After half an hour with this girl consuming the screen you’re locked in and you find that you’ve connected with her, and it’s a strong emotional connection which pays off for the film later on.

It’s not too much to say that you actually do fall in love with this girl, the actress and the character, and that’s apparent later on in the story when the reality of life intrudes.

The story is much stronger for her character being so adorable and magnetic, but it is a strong story already. The relationship between the girl and the storyteller builds quite quickly and the bond seems real, in fact in a few conversations between the two I felt that I was almost eavesdropping and not just watching a film.


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