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ROGER EBERT:The sweet charm of the young Romanian actress Catinca Untaru

Catinca Untaru

“At this point in reviews of movies like “The Fall” (not that there are any), I usually announce that I have accomplished my work. I have described what the movie does, how it looks while it is doing it, and what the director has achieved. Well, what has he achieved? “The Fall” is beautiful for its own sake. And there is , who may have been dubbed for all I know, but speaks with the innocence of childhood, working her way through tangles of words. She regards with equal wonder the reality she lives in, and the fantasy she pretends to. It is her imagination that creates the images of Roy’s story, and they have a purity and power beyond all calculation. Roy is her perfect storyteller, she is his perfect listener, and together they build a world.

Ebert notes: The movie’s R rating should not dissuade bright teenagers from this celebration of the imagination. ”



You can’t understand why she is so perfect

Catinca Untaru, then eight, plays the little girl in Tarsem’s visual masterpiece The Fall, and is told legends by a wounded soldier, which she translates into her own fantasies. She embodies a purity, a naivete and an affectless beyond description. You can’t understand why she is so perfect. Then you discover that she didn’t even speak English, and is speaking after phonetic coaching. Her impact transcends language


Child actors amaze
Roger Ebert, Universal Press Syndicate
Published: Thursday, November 27, 2008